During thanksgiving 2016,  Bindu ( my wife ) and myself were enjoying our evening chai. We were randomly talking about how grateful we are for everything so far in our lives and especially the past few years have been truly transformational.

Many factors have helped ( are helping) us to move in this right direction. We have seem to have travelled many light years away from our initial thought process how we perceived ourselves and our lives. If you call it “brainwashing” , let us negotiate to call it “brainstorming” for a better future since it was not an easy path to travel.

Our upbringing, family environment, reading books, associating with the right people, exposing ourselves to new ideas, able to receive the message, crystallizing our dreams, knowing why we are doing what we are doing, finding a mentor were some of the factors we reflected upon.

My aim in this blog is to share our experiences, stories and insights as we travel this journey of life with you. I am confident that these anecdotes will add value to you, because we believe in you.

Abhishek and Bindu Pitti

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